for my body

hi darlings,

as you might know, I have just lived three weeks without consuming any added sugars. I had had this plan for a while before I actually started, to make sure we could prepare probably and we would do it right. Strangely, immediately after the idea arose in my mind, I felt extremely motivated and full of trust. I have struggled with my body pretty much all of my life, and I’m slowly but surely making changes to become more fit and healthy.

To help me and my love get through these weeks, I bought a program online that contained twenty-one day menu’s, information about sugars, snack recipes and shopping lists. The Sunday before we started the program, we went grocery shopping. This was fairly simple, as it provided the list of what to get. Still, we noticed how many sugars are actually used in supermarket products. Basic sugar, but also sweeteners that bring the same effect to your body and disturb the whole ‘rehab’ process. You really need to pay attention and definitely read the ingredients closely before throwing something in your cart.

I am happy to have a man at home that loves to cook. This made this thing a whole lot easier for me, haha! Here’s how it went. My cravings for sugars had gone down a lot already, as I tried to eat less sugar a few weeks before starting the program. Plus, I was highly motivated somehow, so my mind was set. The first days were easy, but on the fourth day, my bowels started to freak out (sparing you the details), my skin started to get a bit messier, I got a headache and felt nauseous. Oh, and so, so tired. But still: no cravings. I knew my body was just cleansing, and that was a good thing. At least it worked! After those few days, I kept feeling better. My skin started to clean up (except for the hormone overloaded days, right ladies), I felt more energetic, my stomach was bloating a lot less and people actually noticed me having lost some weight.

When we were halfway in the program, we stopped using the menu’s, or maybe just as a reference. When you do this for a week or so, you know exactly what to look for in products and what you can have for breakfast/lunch/dinner/snacks, plus you will simply not eat as much as before and also not crave for the real sugars. I didn’t feel like wanting to grab sugary things, but I did (do) sometimes miss the enjoyment of having a piece of pie, that chocolate melting on your tongue… I bought chocolate made of 100% cocoa, and it’s gross. Just not edible. Gross. However, all the chocolate and cake I loved before, will probably taste so much different now. I didn’t try yet, as I’m afraid to become addicted to it straight away again and that my cravings will become terrible. For now, I try to keep on keeping the amount of added sugars so low as possible, but I try not to stress out if I do consume anything sweetened once in a while. It’s all about balance, right?

For all of you wondering what you can eat or drink, here are some ideas that might get you through (if you’re planning on trying this some time):

  • homemade soup (ginger/sweet potato/carrot/broccoli/cauliflower, etc.)
  • salads (fresh spinach/fresh veggies/oil/vinegar/sunflower seeds/pumpkin seeds)
  • smoothies (just throw it all in, make sure you don’t consume an overload of fruits, though. Almond milk is a great addition.)
  • popsicles (freeze your smoothie on hot days! Try mango and cherry, or coconut milk and figs, or strawberry and banana.)
  • breakfast omelette (non-vegan of course, yummy with courgette, carrots, broccoli)
  • oatmeal breakfasts (how about apple/cinnamon?)
  • the NAK’D bars have been amazing to me. They are expensive but exist from nothing than fruits and nuts squeezed together. Perfect snack when on the road.
  • tiny carrots and hummus make a great pair
  • courgetti with a sweet pepper sauce (use a spiral maker for veggies to turn you courgette into spaghetti, or courgetti as they call it. Turn your sweet peppers into a sauce using a mixer, add spices and the veggies you like to fill up the sauce, and enjoy).
  • homemade banana bread or carrot cake is perfect
  • watermelon
  • chickpeas, eggs and avocadi (I have just learned this is the plural for avocado) are great substitutes for meat
  • a veggie quiche with mushrooms and hüttenkase
  • oatmeal pancakes with coconut chips

As you can see, there are plenty of possibilities. Once you know which ingredients you can use, the list of meals and snacks goes on and on and on. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message. The internet is full of good stuff about this too! Now, if you will excuse me- I need to get my coconut/fig popsicles out of the freezer because temperatures are rising quickly. Icecream for breakfast, that is.

Happy Friday!



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