an ode to my father

hi guys.

to cut to the chase right away: I might have mentioned before that my dad is no longer around. To make a long story short: he passed away five years ago on September 28th. Obviously this day was hard on all of us last week, but there was one silver lining. As he lingered in my thoughts almost constantly, I opened the folder on the computer that safely kept the home videos my father made when we were kids. I will forever be grateful for these scenes, as they behold such precious memories to treasure.

Besides that, I love that he apparently forwarded this love for film and photography to me. He was so patient, filming my sister and me in the most boring settings, just sitting there for hours almost, capturing us, documenting our every move. I can see myself being born (yes, really), learning to laugh, crawl, walk, talk, grow. I am very aware that this is a beyond special thing to have.

Last week I finally felt ready to honor him in some way, and among all those hours and hours of footage, luckily I found a few videos showing his smiling face as well (thank you, mom). The perfect song just came up that day as well, as I originally searched for classical music on Spotify to try to focus on work.

So here it is. A father and daughter collaboration, as I like to call it. A video showing a glimpse of our childhood, our mother and father right there with us, no worries, only love.

I can no longer take my dads picture and post him onto my feed, on his birthday, on fathers day, or any other day I would feel like sharing him with you. But I can show you this.

Everyone, meet my dad:


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