the black forest: t w o

Dear readers,

As you may have seen on my instagram page, my love and I returned to the black forest last week to spend some time among the snowy pines and mountains. On the first day, we went for a long walk, just like we did last year, but without any tears this time- ha ha! We did again end up on this skiing piste without any signs of where to go next. Instead of climbing the steep hill, we walked right through it, sometimes with snow up to our knees.

After a six-hour walk (!) we arrived at our little village again, with soaking wet socks and tired legs. It was fun though and the view was magnificent once again; we even got a glimpse of the Swiss alps in the distance. A first time for me to actually see them and they were just magical, let alone together with all those powerful dark green pines surrounding us.

On the second day, we just drove around in the area and visited some of the lakes, taking it slow. On the third day, we went skiing (which actually went really good! We’re almost pro’s you guys, almost…) and fell asleep at 8.30pm. On our last day there, we visited the lovely city Freiburg. We had been there the year before as well, but we did not recall it as that lovely as the rain poured out of the sky that day. But now, with the late winter sun softly shining its light on the coloured houses, it was a wonderful place to be.

Here are some photos from our winter trip – if you’re in the mood for amazing scenery and calm surroundings, this is a great place to go ❤


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