december first, 2019 // the wedding

listen to our favorite wedding songs while reading this post, right here

Dear friends,

Most of you know that this is a very special time for us, as we said yes to each other on December first, 2019. After months of preparation, planning, excitement, and emotion, our day finally arrived. With all of our favorite faces there, together in one room, it easily turned into the best day ever.

It all already started even before my arrival at the venue. My husband (eeeeek!) was already there to take care of the last few things, luckily being helped by a few amazing people. When I finally arrived in the afternoon, the prepared chairs were actually occupied by everyone so important to the both of us. I walked into the room, my mother by my side, and we all laughed as we arrived a bit too early – the tiny flower boy and girl, Magnus and Winter, hadn’t finished throwing their little petals yet. Everything worked out fine though and I arrived into the arms of my future husband, as tears streamed down his cheeks. I felt my heart pound and I almost didn’t dare to look all of our guests in the eyes. Our symbolic ceremony was beautiful, led by my father-in-law. Our vows to each other were more than emotional. My love could barely speak due to this overwhelming emotion, but he got through and said the most beautiful words to me. It was my turn now. I started out pretty strong I think, but as soon as I read my own words mentioning my father, I felt tears taking over and I could barely continue speaking, too. I took a moment to calm down and everything felt so still and quiet. Everyone in the room seemed to hold their breaths, waiting for me to slowly continue my story. I finally managed to go on and again the tears came when mentioning our long unfulfilled wish to become a little family. Again I got through this part and I could finish my words to him. It was such a powerful tidal wave of emotion that came over us, and everyone in the room for that matter. I won’t ever forget how special it felt.

After putting the rings on each other’s fingers and saying the heartfelt YES, music played and our guests threw flower petal confetti in the air as we walked through. We took a moment in the chilly air outside and felt like actually living the dream. Woah!

Inside again, the afternoon continued with delicious cake made by Piece of Cake, some veggie snacks and drinks. We went outside to have our wonderful photographer Tina Sosna take our wedding photos and afterwards dinner could almost start. Two friends of ours were so kind to bake a LOT of pancakes for everyone, which was an amazing thing of them to do. My love had prepared all toppings (tomato sauce, cherries, whipped & ice cream, lettuce, syrup, powdered sugar, and so on) so everyone could make their own dream pancake. We also had two different soups, made by Ben’s father, which were a big success as well. And the best and most important thing for us: all of the food at our wedding was vegetarian.

After dinner, people just sat down, lost their sense of time in a million conversations, took Polaroid pictures, wrote messages in our guest book and they even played music and sang amazing songs for us. It was easy and warm and wonderful and it felt like time stood still. And even just for a second, everything and everyone just felt infinite.

Completely caught in the moment, the daylight quickly faded and made room for a cold and dark blue colored sky. Lights, candles, wine, and laughter held us warm as we sang and danced and connected and loved. We felt ourselves emerge into this dream, all hazy eyed and awed by everyone’s help and support. It all went by so quickly and we both needed time to recover and process the amazing and wonderful moments this day had given us.

After the wedding we quickly returned to our busy daily life, but then there were the photos our amazing photographer Tina Sosna had taken. Those melted our hearts once again and took us right back to that cloudy, love-filled Sunday in December.

We were heart-warmed by all of your kind and happy words and of course, we’d love to share bits and pieces of our day with you. But first, we’ll start with some important things that were part of our wedding preparations. For a list of all the creators, brands and businesses that helped us form our perfect wedding, scroll down to the bottom of this post.


Alright. We’d chosen our dates, confirmed our location and our guest list was finally ready. First things first: it was time for the invites. Choosing someone who could create our wedding portrait for our invitation was not hard at all. I’d been following Tijana Lukovic (@tijanadraws on Instagram) for quite some time and I just knew that she would be the perfect match for us. Her dreamy, classic and warm illustrations represented the style of our wedding wonderfully and we were overjoyed when she showed us the final version of her art.

Besides the beautiful portrait of us and our cat, Tijana also made all these little drawings that described us together perfectly, so we could use those separate elements to design the back of our invitation.

We had the invites printed on recycled paper by We Love Recycled, as we both highly value a sustainable use of material.

The combination of Tijana’s work and the firm, off-white and slightly speckled paper turned out just beyond perfect. To finish it all off we put custom made stamps from PostNL and white wax seals on the envelopes and we added a tiny dried flower (flowers and seals from Cotton Bird). We couldn’t be more proud to send these cards to all of our loved ones.

Thank you’s

Of course, having those special people with us on our day was the most important reason to invest in thank you gifts that could really bring a piece of our wedding into their homes. We decided on giving small candles and I immediately thought of the Utrecht based Brandt, a small brand that hand makes soya waxed candles in the most wonderful natural scents. Giselle, from Brandt, designed our own labels to go onto the candles and helped us in every way possible to pick the perfect scent of Brandt’s new winter collection: cedar & clove. Giselle was also incredibly generous by gifting us a few larger candles for our wedding, to spread the scent and create a memory in that very moment.

The smaller candles were all wrapped in tiny cotton bags and we tied it all together with a rolled-up thank you-note, made of growing paper: paper made of little wildflower seeds that grow when you put the paper into the soil and you water it. Eventually, we felt like all elements together formed the perfect thoughtful gift to thank everyone for joining us that Sunday.

Kids thank you-gifts

Deciding whether or not to invite kids to our wedding was not hard at all. As we both really love a family-oriented event, every little tiny human was welcome to come too. We even arranged a very, very special guest: Sinterklaas was coming to surprise them with their own little gifts.

Sinterklaas told me he found all toys at Søstrene Grene, so if you’re still in need of some (durable) presents, he really recommends going there ;).

Venue preparations

We knew beforehand that we would arrange most things ourselves – the biggest reason was financial, but we also really liked the idea of creating something so personal that it could represent who we were perfectly. On Saturday, the day before the wedding, a small group of our family and friends helped us prepare the venue, putting up the tables, chairs and decorations and all things important for the next day. We are eternally grateful for all of their help, it made everything a thousand times more special.

December first, 2019. Our wedding.

After all those preparations. All the emotional meltdowns (haha), all the dreaming, the waiting, and the imagining. It was finally time, time to say yes to life together. There was so much laughter and so so so many tears but most important: so. much. love. All these wonderful photos are taken by our amazing photographer Tina Sosna.

If you made it this far through this long post, thank you so much for reading this. We hope you enjoyed taking this trip with us and we cannot wait to live all those moments that the universe still has in store for us. Here’s to the future, filled with light and love.


Ben & Bo


List of all creators, product brands and generous helping hands:

Venue: Fien Fleur, Eys, Limburg (NL)

Photographer: Tina Sosna

Videographer: Obscure

Invitation illustrator: Tijana Lukovic

Invites printing company: We Love Recycled

Thank you notes:

Wax seals and dried flowers: Cotton Bird

Flowers: Fien Fleur

Greenery: our local market

Dress: Blush Fashion

Vine wedding band: Melanie Casey

Wedding cake: Piece of Cake Maastricht

Candles: Brandt Kaarsen

Guest book: Walther Design

Ring box: Sissy-Boy

Kids gifts: Søstrene Grene

Suit Ben: H&M

Hair: Laura Klein

Makeup: my sister Britt

Rented chairs: Spobeck

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