mini moon

Hello friends,

As most of you know we got married on the first of December. Our wedding was absolutely lovely, but due to all the busy holidays, there was barely any time to calm down and to really be together, just the two of us. But last weekend that time was finally there: we went on our little honeymoon! Or, as someone called it, our mini moon 🙂

We stayed in the most wonderful little cabin at Nutchel, based in the east of Belgium. We spent our days by the fireplace, drinking tea and coffee, reading, going for walks and gazing at the woods right outside the enormous windows. After that crazy busy month filled with social events and impressions, this was the perfect little getaway to completely rewind and calm our minds down.

At the end of this series of photographs, I added a short video that I made of our stay at Nutchel. Just to keep the memories alive 🙂

I hope you like it as much as we did,


ps. our stay was not sponsored or anything, we just really loved it there!

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