the last weekend of summer in a nutchel

Hello there,

As most of you know my love and I got married in December of last year. As a tiny honeymoon, we then spent a weekend in January in the loveliest forest park of Nutchel, just him and I, in a wooden cabin between the trees.

Out of pure excitement I took many photos and I made a little film of the weekend that you can see right here. The people behind Nutchel turned out to like that video so much, that they asked us if we would do another one of their newest park in the Belgium Ardennes. Of course I agreed – how could I ever say no to another weekend between the trees?! We immediately made plans to go and that turned out to be the very last weekend of summer, that was finally here just over a week ago.

We spent our days by the fire and in the forest, and watched the first leaves turn a yellowish gold. We made warm tea and through the big windows we watched the trees rustle in the wind.

Oh yes, this whole thing was pure magic yet again.



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