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hi sweeties!

After only one day at home and my Dublin-suitcase barely unpacked, it was already time to fly out to the next location: Copenhagen! This, being one of the favorite cities I’ve ever visited, was something I looked forward to for quite some time. Well… at least since the last time I went there. Even though I love exploring new things for the first time, I do think it gets better and better every time you go there again. You know what you want to see, you know what to bring, you know where to go- it just feels a lot more comfortable and secure.

Instead of boring you with another long story about my awesome little trip, I’d like to show you some of my favorite places that I think you should pay a visit to when in Copenhagen.



1. Botanisk Have

Definitely number one! The Botanisk Have is probably the biggest and most beautiful greenhouse you have ever seen and will ever see. It’s located in the very center of Copenhagen and is surrounded by a lovely piece of green. You just take the metro to Nørreport, literally go two minutes by foot to the entrance and walk straight into plant heaven. When you enter the doors to the main thing, don’t forget to untie your scarfs, drop the coats and give your lungs and your camera some time to adjust to the warmth. It’s quite a difference I can tell you! And then… take a walk through the wilderness, feel the structure of the tropical plants en smell the amazing scents of those wild and beautiful flowers. Oh yes. And watch out for the small groups of Danish school toddlers walking around ;).

Address: Øster Farimagsgade 2C, 1353 København, Denmark
Price: free
How to get there? take the metro to Nørreport and you’re basically there. 







2. Mother

This probably is my favorite restaurant in the world. Mother, located in the creative and young hood Vesterbro simply has the best sourdough pizza’s, I cannot say it any other way. Ok ok. I may have only tasted the margarita (because I’m that person who stares at the menu for fifteen minutes but then continues to order the same as always), but it is simply delicious. Also. You’d better reserve a table for your crew on weekend evenings, as the restaurant is highly popular among especially locals (no wonder right!). Mother is located on this awesome industrial *hipster alarm* terrain, joined by other tiny restaurants and get-togethers built in old meatpacking spaces.

Address: Høkerboderne 9-15, 1712 København, Denmark
Price: very affordable! Unless you go for the cocktails and/or expensive wines of course…
How to get there? take the metro or train to Dybbølsbro and arrive at the restaurant in five minutes.





3. The Round Tower

Alright… yes this is one of the main well-known tourist attractions of Copenhagen but hey, it is for a reason. This 17th-century 36m tower takes you all the way up to a lovely view over the rooftops of the city. Walking up is easy (it’s a slowly elevating spiral instead of stairs) and it’s just really cool to see Copenhagen from another perspective. Also: the very top of the tower used to function as an astronomy center and you can still go see the amazing instruments they use to research the universe. Very impressive!

The tower is located in the very center of Copenhagen, so it’s the perfect extra activity during your shopping trip. I visited it on a Thursday afternoon, when there was no waiting line and there only were few people on top. When I passed by again on Saturday morning, the waiting line was loooong. So if you can, make sure to go on a weekday morning/afternoon!

Address: Købmagergade 52A 1150 København K
Price: adults 25dkk (about €3,50), kids 5dkk (not even €1,00).
How to get there? Take the metro to Nørreport and walk along the shopping street. 





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4. Stores

So while you’re in the main shopping district of Copenhagen anyway, here are some stores I really love (please note, enter at own risk).

  • Søstrene Grene

All the basic nicknacks you thought you didn’t need. Just take the basket when you enter this store because soon enough, you won’t be able to carry all the stuff you don’t need in your arms.

Address: many locations in the city center. 

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  • Stilleben

A wonderful store full of art, small prints, jewelry, and ceramics. So good for the eyes. Not so good for the wallet.

Address: Niels Hemmingsensgade 3 (city center)

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  • Illums Bolighus

The warehouse of your dreams. No really. This huge multiple floor store is so full of pretty design that it could possibly hurt your eyes. They basically have everything for your home, both things you need and things you do not need: furniture, decor, bathroom stuff, baby stuff (still not over it), bedroom stuff- just basically all the stuff. It’s wonderful. Some brands they sell: Konges Sløjd, Sebra, Liewood, Ferm Living, HAY, Cam Cam and Normann Copenhagen. Basically a dream come true.

Address: Amagertorv 10 (city center)

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  • HAY House

You may already know HAY, which is a fairly well-known Danish design brand. And yes, this store just has it all. Every beautiful contemporary product placed carefully inside a stunning apartment in the middle of the center. Must visit at least once!

Address:  Østergade 61 (city center)

  • Normann Copenhagen

A brand you may also know already, the beautiful Normann Copenhagen. And of course, the Danish have a store filled with all the products you just need to have. Lovely way to see their collection!

Address:  Østerbrogade 70 (city center)

5. Malmö, Sweden

On Friday, I decided to take the train to Sweden. I had already planned this trip before I even knew the 27th of April was a national holiday in Denmark and most stores would be closed for the day, so it was the perfect moment to go. From Copenhagen Central, you easily take the train over the water to Malmö (around 110sek/€11,- single way), which takes about 30/40 minutes. Make sure to bring your passport, as they regularly check everyone when the border is crossed. Once in Malmö, the station is located very close to the city center and it’s a fine place to explore by foot. It’s not huge, but that makes it a perfect little getaway for one afternoon.

Some stores you have to visit when you’re in Malmö are Granit (beautiful and affordable home items, Södergatan 3), Lagerhaus (nicknacks, postcards & porcelain, Södergatan 16) and Grandpa (clothes and some small wanna have items, Södra Förstadsgatan 25).

And when you’re in need of a break, definitely go to my favorite lunch place there: AB Småland (Södra Förstadsgatan 25-27). This is both a store and lunchroom, filled with lovely home items, plants, prints and care products. Also: the food and drinks are delish.



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6. Det Vide Hus

A lovely tiny place for breakfast, right there in a small street next to the Vesterbrogade. What about a delicious chai latte? Or some skyr with edible flowers (sort of) on top?! Yes, I thought so too.

Address: Gothersgade 113. 




7. Palads Teatret

On Thursday night, I was heading from the central station to my AirBnB. I came across the well-known bright colored building I had passed many times before: the city cinema. I decided, as I had nothing else planned for my night, to take myself out to the movies instead of going to bed early. I chose Lady Bird and it was such a delightful movie; I can definitely recommend! It’s about this girl struggling with the relationship with her mom, and she would love nothing more than to get out of the town she grew up in. Only to, when she got her way eventually, start to miss her roots anyway. Ah. We’ve all been there, right? Anyhow. If you feel like seeing a movie while in CPH, this is the place to be. Don’t forget to get yourself a bag of sweets in the cinema shop beforehand and oh right… the big comfy chairs lean backward. ‘nough said!

Address: Axeltorv 9. 


8. Hyggestund

On my last morning in CPH, I had breakfast at this lovely place. It serves waffles, eggs, granola and other ‘breakfast things’, the entire day long. Omg! And just look at that color on the wall. So inviting huh?!

Address: Viktoriagade 6.

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9. Tivoli Gardens

Last but not least… one of the, or maybe even the, most magical place(s) of whole CPH: Tivoli. Almost four years ago my love and I went camping in Denmark for the first time together. After the lovely peaceful ten days next to the lake in the north of the country, we decided to stick a few days of Copenhagen to our little holiday. After a few hours in the car, we arrived in CPH, where we walked around in the center for a bit.

Then suddenly, there it was. In classic, big letters above the gate, it said: T I V O L I. The gold shimmering in our eyes, the smell of popcorn and cotton candy not too far away and the faint sound of carnival music hit our ears. I knew I had to get in. We got ourselves two tickets, entered the huge amusement park and were utterly amazed by this magic world hidden right in the center of this big city.
Since that day I am totally in love with this place. We stayed in the park for a few hours, walked around, watched the rides (didn’t go on one though), and attended a concert playing on the main stage.

So, if you’re in for some good old magic and the biggest cotton candy ever, please just get yourself a ticket and enjoy.

Address: Vesterbrogade 3.
Price: 120dkk (about €16,-) 8 years and up, 50dkk (about €7,-) for kids 3-7. 

Note: for the rides in the park you need separate tickets which you can purchase in the park itself.






Alright, so that were some of my CPH favorites for you. Of course, this city offers so much more than the to do’s and to see’s mentioned above, so get your butt over to this amazing place and explore the lovely streets and parks and stores in your own way.

I promise you, it’ll be wonderful!


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